MCUXpresso IDE 11.6.1

Last week I received the email notification, that NXP has released an update of the MCUXpresso IDE: the version 11.6.1. So I quickly checked it out:

MCUXpresso IDE 11.6.1

It is a maintenance release of the previous IDE 11.6.0, fixing a few issues (see list on community (

There are not that many changes and fixes, which is a good sign and shows a good level of stability. The release comes with new SEGGER J-Link V7.70d software (which can be installed directly too) and new v12.1 MCUXpresso Config tools. There are a few improvements around SWO and Cortex-M7, so if you are using this, it is worthwhile to check the new version.

More relevant for my university labs: there is one fix for the K22FX512. I use that Kinetis MCU on a mobile (Zumo) robot platform: the SDK for that MCU has not been updated for some time, and now project creation has been fixed for the SDK 2.3.1 and that version of the IDE. For the ongoing lectures I don’t have to update the IDE, because we already have a workaround: copy or select CMSIS files manually. But for the coming semester, that fix is very welcome.

So I have that new version installed side-by-side to the previous v11.6.0, and plan to gradually move over to the new one.

Happy Xpressing 🙂


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