MCUXpresso IDE 11.5.1

Just before the long Easter break, NXP has released an update of the MCUXpresso IDE, the version 11.5.1.

This is mainly a maintenance release, fixing a few issues (see list on community), plus updated debug connection binaries.

Notably it fixes a possible problem with SWO while using the MCULink-Pro energy/power measurement. And it shows now for an attached MCULink/Pro debug probe if firmware update is possible:

MCU-Link Update notification

I won’t update the IDE used in the lectures/labs, as there is anyway nothing critical pending. The good thing is that I can have the IDE(s) installed side-by-side so I can continue using the 11.5.0 with the 11.5.1 installed. I expect that with all the previous release trains there will be another major update coming later this year, probably right for the Fall semester.

And for all the Mac lovers, especially for the ones using the Apple M1 silicon: there are reports in the forum and reddit telling that the MCUXpresso IDE just runs fine on these new machines too.

Happy Xpressing 🙂


8 thoughts on “MCUXpresso IDE 11.5.1

  1. Thank you for your expert analysis breaking down the relative feature importance in the update. Pointing out the previous update feature addition, the Dynamic Printf has been so helpful. I don’t know where else I would have found out about useful feature. For this update it makes sense for me to wait until the next major release.

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    • Not owning a Mac I cannot comment much, so appreciate your thoughts on the M1. I was thinking that indeed it must be an emulator running the code somehow, as I’m not aware of a native port of the IDE (yet).


      • It uses “Rosetta” which is part of the Apple OS. It works, which is impressive, but it’s significantly slower (appears to be single core no matter how many cores exist). I think we will stockpile a few iMacs still on the refurb Apple store …

        Aside: it’s also impressive that it’s possible to use Parallels and Arm Windows to successfully run Windows programs (including MCUXpresso), also slow of course but again “it works”! I’ve even successfully tested our RS232 comms programs now that Arm Windows drivers exist for FTDI chips.

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  2. Unfortunately since version v11.5 MCUXpresso no longer supports Windows 7, it installs but gives errors when trying to Debug.

    I will have to continue using v11.4 until I switch to W10, which makes me quite lazy due to incompatibilities and having to install all the software again.

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