Hexiwear with Raspberry Pi and OpenHAB Home Automation

This is yet another milestone on my journey to combine the Hexiwear with the Raspberry Pi: now I can send take over control of the Hexiwear with openHAB running on the Raspberry Pi:

Controlling Hexiwear with OpenHAB

Controlling Hexiwear with openHAB

I’m running openHAB on the Raspberry Pi, and I can turn on/off LEDs on the Hexiwear or on the attached demonstrator PCB, either directly with the Raspberry Pi or from a mobile phone or tablet (web browser or openHAB app). openHAB sends commands to the Hexiwear which has a Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01+ transceiver combined with a demonstrator PCB with 6 blue LEDs. The yellow cable is for powering the demonstrator PCB docking station and (see “Prototype of tiny Hexiwear Docking Station“). Still a long way to go to get everything done, but I’m excited to reached that milestone 🙂

I’m sharing the sources on GitHub here: https://github.com/ErichStyger/Hexiwear_v2.  I have listed the relevant links to get openHAB up and running in the links section.

Happy openHABing 🙂


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