tinyK20 Production Boards Ready for Parts

New pictures from the manufacturing process of the tinyK20 boards. Now all parts to be populated have been arrived at the manufacturing, so populating the boards can start soon:

tinyK20 PCB Bottom

tinyK20 PCB Bottom

tinyK20 PCB Top

tinyK20 PCB Top

As for an urgent need we cannot wait until we get all the boards with the parts populated, we have received boards we can populate internally ourselves:

tinyK20 Boards Unpopulated

tinyK20 Boards, unpopulated (Source: Ch. Battista)

A first board put on another board:

tinyK20 Board

tinyK20 Board

Happy Boarding 🙂

12 thoughts on “tinyK20 Production Boards Ready for Parts

    • We only have these 8 board (not populated), and one is already populated. We probably need some of the other boards until we receive the populated boards mid of Nov. We will have to serve first the needs of the students and our research projects, but if there are left-overs, why not? But it has not been decided. What would be an acceptable price for you (excluding shipping)?


        • Yes, with the current number of boards the BOM/production costs are at or little above that level ($20). Optional add-ons could be: side headers, sd card socket, 32 kHz clock source, SWD cable. We will see with the final bill which includes FAT/customs/etc. I think that board can be produced in volume probably in the $15 range.


  1. Hi Erich,

    What are the dimension for the board (length and width) and is it a 4 or 2 layer design?

    Did you do any impedance matching for the USB? or are the trace lengths so short this is a none issue?



  2. Erich, this looks pretty good and it’s also a great idea of using the OpenOCD . Do you plan to have a set of binaries for flashing the debug app? I think this is the feature makes the TinyK20 a great idea.


  3. These look great. On a related note, it worries me that moving forward Freescale is dropping QFN packaging for newer K2x chips — the really nice K22F, for example, is only available in HUGE LQFP packages or in small-pitch BGA (which is completely unsuitable for hobby production). You could not make a board like this one with an LQFP-100 K22F, for which just the chip body is 14mm x 14mm!

    I’m still hoping Freescale will turn around and make some QFN-packaged chips, because for now this is a worrying development. Enjoy the K20 boards, because you won’t get this form factor with newer K2x chips…


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