Impressive Videos: Rockfall near Evolène in the Swiss Alps

Mountain areas can be full of danger. Documented by two impressive videos about a rockfall from the Mel de la Niva, near Evolène in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland last week. The area has been under surveillance for a while.

Evolène rockfall

Evolène rockfall

In the first video about 1500-2000 m3 of rock is falling down in to the valley:

In the second video it shows how the protection forest is holding back the huge blocks of rock, each about 100 m3, as big as a house:

💡 In Switzerland, many of these protection forests are named ‘Bannwald‘.

Because the authorities knew something might be coming, the road below the rockfall area was closed, and luckily nobody has been hurt or killed.

Happy rocking 🙂


3 thoughts on “Impressive Videos: Rockfall near Evolène in the Swiss Alps

  1. Erich,
    Fantastic posting, I have only witnessed one slide, it pales by comparison to that one. Any idea the material makeup; granite, shale, slate etc. Looks like that is not the first major side for that section of the mountian.


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