Field Art Link Star in Memory of Agent BBJ

Yesterday night, in a cross faction Ingress operation, agents from different places in Switzerland created a virtual Field Art Star for the recently passed agent BBJ (BigBigJerk) Andreas Lander. Agents from both factions worked together to create a gigantic link star in Switzerland. Watch the video of its creation:

Operation in Berne, Switzerland: they wrote his agend name and created that long link to Arth-Goldau:

One of the first green links (coming from the left side) is coming from Bern, the capital of Switzerland, and is more than 80 km long. The star has more than 400 links, created by agents who prepared and executed that joint operation. My job was to go to the Wildspitz mountain, to clear some green portals and fields, and to add more links to that link star. While on top of the mountain, I had the gift to watch a beautiful sunset. In memory of Andreas Lander.

Rigi and Wildspitz with Sun

Rigi and Wildspitz with Sun going down

Sunset from Wildspitz

Sunset from Wildspitz (click to enlarge)

Wildspitz Sunset with Cross

Wildspitz Sunset with Cross (click to enlarge)

R.I.P Agent BigBigJerk!


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