A Candle for a Friend

While going to the US for FTF, my friend Andreas decided that he does not want to continue his life anymore. And committed suicide. In cases like this, it is hard to find words. All my thoughts and prayers are with his family. There is not much I can do over here, but I can light up a candle in the city of Austin:

Candle for BBJ

Candle for BBJ

What I did not disclose in this blog until now: I’m a secret agent for the RESISTANCE.

💡 You might read all about this ‘agent thing’ at Ingress.

My friend Andreas (agent name ‘BigBigJerk’ or short ‘BBJ’) was one of my mentors, and we were helping out each other.

Candle in Agent Scanner

Candle in Agent Scanner

Ingress is not a normal game: it brings people together all across the world. It is a sport with two factions, and the Ingress community and agents are helping out each other (at least most of them). I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Austin ENLIGHTENED agents who paused for a while their activities to make the candle possible:

Together with Austin Enlightment Agents

Together with Austin Enlightened Agents

May you Rest In Peace, agent BBJ.

9 thoughts on “A Candle for a Friend

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  2. Danke villmal Erich… Ich han irgendwie das alles nöd mitbecho…. Ersch jetzt wo ich BigBigJerk googlet han… Das bedütet mir sehr vill…..


    • Hallo Myriam,
      isch gern gscheh. Mier sind alli schockiert gsi und fassigslos. De Andreas het mer verzellt dass sie so öppis damals für de Yves ini Einsiedle au gmacht hend. Da dra han I mich errinnered und ha dänkt, so chani öppis mache….


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