Getting to know FRDM-K64F and more!! :)

I believe waiting makes you feel more impatient. So here I am, waiting for my NeoMatrix 8×8 – 64 RGB LED Pixel Matrix to arrive, so that we can begin working on our cool project. But looking on the brighter side, I got some time to make the beforehand preparations for our Signboard project. I took the opportunity to invest this time in finding out how to start running the Adafruit NeoMatrix with Kinetis FRDM-K64F development board. We should definitely get ourselves ready with something so that we can test NeoMatrix with FRDM-K64F as it arrives. So I thought of setting up a repository where we can turn back anytime we feel we are stuck.


I am going to share with you all the documentation that I have been reading (and skipping) 😉 To start with, let us talk about the Kinetis Software Development Kit (SDK). So, we have already been through the new getting started process for FRDM-K64F. Now as it mentions, I went through the Kinetis SDK Reference manual and the Demo Applications User’s guide to get myself more acquainted with the stuff we will be dealing with. The manuals are good and they explain a lot about Kinetis SDK. Here is the place where you can find them. I do recommend to at least having a look at them before we start our project.

doc folder

There is also a link for the FRDM-K64 User’s guide which gives us everything you need to know about this development board.

This pdf includes certain block diagrams that helped me analyze the FRDM-K64F better than before. I would suggest going through it once before we start, and we can turn back to it later as required.

K64F block diagram

Here is another interesting diagram for FRDM-K64F that I wanted to share because I guess this is important firmware detail which can help us in connecting the NeoMatrix to our development board.

diagram showing pins

In my next blog I will provide you with an easy to use guide for Kinetis Software Development Kit, so that we can have a better understanding of what we are dealing with. Till then, let’s keep reading and expand our knowledge. 🙂


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