Processor Expert Value Proposals

The cool thing with Processor Expert is that it gives me guidance through the settings. And there is a nice (rather hidden feature) which proposes me values I can enter:

💡 First, switch to the non-Tabs (classic) view, as the classic view is using the screen real estate better, and shows you *all* the information needed, and does not hide some (see

So if you have some values to correct because other settings have changed:

Values to Enter

Values to Enter

Click into the value field, and a small ‘light bulb’ appears on the left side of the value:

Clicked into the value field

Clicked into the value field

If you move your mouse cursor over the light bulb, you get a hint how to get proposals:

Use Ctrl+Space for proposals

Use Ctrl+Space for proposals

💡 That’s the same shortcut as for the code completion or code assist wizard of Eclipse, see “10 Best Eclipse Shortcuts

Now if I use CTRL+Space, I get a list of proposed values I can select from:

Proposed Value List

Proposed Value List

Nice 🙂

So the trick is to click into the field to get that light bulb. But you can simply click into the field and press CTRL+Space. The ‘Tabs’ view shows that light bulb as well if you click into the value, but it has no real value, as it shows the drop-down list automatically. In defense of the tab view, showing a drop down list right away is nicer and better.

Light Bulp in Tab View

Light Bulp in Tab View

But as long as I do not have a 20″ LCD on my notebook, I rather use the ‘classic’ view.

Happy Proposing 🙂


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