Workaround for Processor Expert ‘Components’ View Synchronization

CodeWarrior for MCU10.5 comes with a new Eclipse and new Processor Expert. Things are working very well so far. But I have spotted an issue which seems to be related to the new Eclipse Juno used: sometimes the Processor Expert ‘Components’ view is not correctly showing the current project used.

Problem Description

Usually, if I select a project, the Components view is automatically switching to that project and shows that project components.

The problem is that the Components view is not always showing the components for the current selected project:

Project and Components View not in Sync

Project and Components View not in Sync

The issue visible by the fact that the name of the selected project does not match with the project name shown in the Processor Expert Components view.

It seems that the problem is related with opening/closing projects in the Eclipse workspace. It does not happen always to me, but sometimes?


Luckily, the workaround is fairly simple:

  1. Close the ‘CodeWarrior Projects’ view.
  2. Re-open that view using the menu ‘Show > Views’ again.

With this, the two views are back in sync :-).

In Sync Again

In Sync Again

Happy Syncing 🙂

4 thoughts on “Workaround for Processor Expert ‘Components’ View Synchronization

  1. Hi!
    I also noticed this issue, it seems to appear from time to time; one solution that seemed to work for me was to click in the Processor Expert Components view and then click back in the Projects view above. This way it seems to me that the Processor Expert Components view re-synchronizes again with the selected project.
    Can you try this action and confirm if it works for you also?



      • Just another possible workaround I have found: double click on the file. Eclipse was somehow blocked for a minute or so, but then was showing the correct components.


    • Hi Cristian,
      I re-tried your workaround (clicking into the components view, then back again into the projects view), and indeed: now this works for me too :-). Maybe I did not do it correctly the first time, but this workaround helps. But I need to do this all the time: closing the CodeWarrior Projects View and then open it again seems to fix it for a longer time.


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