Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

Yesterday was a great day: The book “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems” finally arrived πŸ™‚ :

Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

Why I’m excited about this? Because I had the honor to contribute a chapter to that book πŸ™‚

Rob Oshana and Mark Kraeling initiated that book project back in Summer 2011. Now it has been published (Elsevier/Newnes, ISBN 978-0-12-415917-4) and features more than 1200 pages in a hardcover version, with following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Software Engineering of Embedded and Real-Time Systems
  • Chapter 2: Embedded Systems Hardware/Software Co-Development
  • Chapter 3: Software Modeling for Embedded Systems
  • Chapter 4: Software Design Architecture and Patterns for Embedded Systems
  • Chapter 5: Real-Time Building Blocks: Events and Triggers
  • Chapter 6: Hardware’s Interface to Embedded Software
  • Chapter 7: Embedded Software Programming and Implementation Guidelines
  • Chapter 8: Embedded Operating Systems
  • Chapter 9: Software Reuse By Design in Embedded Systems
  • Chapter 10: Software Performance Engineering for Embedded Systems
  • Chapter 11: Optimizing Embedded Software for Performance
  • Chapter 12: Optimizing Embedded Software for Memory
  • Chapter 13: Optimizing Embedded Software for Power
  • Chapter 14: Human Factors and User Interface Design for Embedded Systems
  • Chapter 15: Embedded Software Quality, Integration and Testing Techniques
  • Chapter 16: Software Development Tools for Embedded Systems
  • Chapter 17: Multicore Software Development for Embedded Systems
  • Chapter 18: Safety-Critical Software Development
  • Chapter 19: Intellectual Property
  • Chapter 20: Managing Embedded Software Development
  • Chapter 21: Agile Development for Embedded Systems
  • Chapter 22: Embedded Software for Automotive Applications
  • Chapter 23: Programming for I/O and Storage
  • Chapter 24: Embedded Software for Networking Applications
  • Chapter 25: Linux for Embedded Systems

It is a ‘multi-author’ book and covers topics from low-level programming up to software development life cycle. That kind of book makes it easy to pick and read one chapter or the other, as I do not need to read the book from the beginning to the end. It is a good reference manual, and covers many aspects I’m interested in, but never had the time yet to read it. I have reading time reserved for the coming long week-end, given the weather forecast πŸ˜‰ .

Happy Reading πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

  1. Nice, congratulation, i will check that book, if the book is like your post in the blog, i buyed sure, best regards


  2. Congratulations! i do believe I shall read some myself πŸ™‚ Which is the appeal of this compendium – truly relevant topics, self contained, that you can pick and choose.


  3. Hello Erich:

    Congratulation on your book! It looks very interesting. I wanted to ask you, for which level of expertise on MCU embedded development would you recommend this book for? Beginner, intermediate or advanced?

    Also, do you have a recommendation on additional books to learn about embedded development in a formal, expert way? I develop embedded projects but lack a more professional (formal) method, and I would like to enter the industry and begin to develop programs in a more formal and optimal way.

    Thank you,



    • Hi Ed,
      thanks! Any level depends on what you are looking for, and as well the industry you are working in. I would say it is on the intermediate to advanced level. It varies somewhat between chapters.
      As for suggestions: that again depends on the domain you are interested in (robotics, health care, automotive, communication, …): as for general Embedded topics, I recommend the books or articles written by Jack Ganssle: they are very informative, easy to read with a good sense of humor, so a lot of fun too.


      • Thank you very much! I will look for the autor you recommended, and I will also look if I can get your book on my country or when I visit the USA. Thanks!


  4. nice man! saw which chapter you contributed in the comments, you should’ve put that in the article! Actually saw that book on safari online and star’ed it.


  5. Order the book today. Excited to give it a read.
    I find that there is not much reading available on the actual software design (design patterns, etc) when it comes to embedded systems.


  6. Hi,

    If you buy the hard copy, is there a discount available for the e-book as well? as i generally like having both. One at home for reading and the other at work for simple look-up.



  7. Hi Erich,

    I bought the book and started reading your chapter, it’s a great design for events and triggers handling in Embedded Systems. Did you write any other books or material that I could read and learn great software designs.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Thanks for reading that book, and your kind words!
      I have not published any other books that way (maybe I should), but I do have the university lecture script, but that one is not public (except to students). Contact me under the email address listed on the About page of this blog and I should be able to send you a PDF copy for your own personal use.


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