Pin and Signal List with Processor Expert

With Processor Expert projects, I have a nice overview of pins used in my application:

Processor View

Processor View

While that Processor View is nice, I want a list of pins and signals too:

LED_Green [Output]       => TSI0_CH12/PTB19/TPM2_CH1 [54]
LED_Red [Output]         => TSI0_CH11/PTB18/TPM2_CH0 [53]
OpenSDA_RxD [Input]      => TSI0_CH2/PTA1/UART0_RX/TPM2_CH0 [27]
OpenSDA_TxD [Output]     => TSI0_CH3/PTA2/UART0_TX/TPM2_CH1 [28]
SD_CD                    => ADC0_SE6b/PTD5/SPI1_SCK/UART2_TX/TPM0_CH5 [78]
SD_CLK [Output]          => ADC0_SE5b/PTD1/SPI0_SCK/TPM0_CH1 [74]
SD_MISO [Input]          => PTD3/SPI0_MISO/UART2_TX/TPM0_CH3/SPI0_MOSI [76]
SD_MOSI [Output]         => PTD2/SPI0_MOSI/UART2_RX/TPM0_CH2/SPI0_MISO [75]
SD_Shield_Green_LED [Output] => CMP0_IN3/PTC9/I2C0_SDA/TPM0_CH5 [66]
SD_Shield_RED_LED [Output] => CMP0_IN2/PTC8/I2C0_SCL/TPM0_CH4 [65]
SD_SS [Output]           => PTD0/SPI0_PCS0/TPM0_CH0 [73]
SD_WP                    => PTA13/TPM1_CH1 [33]

ADC0_SE5b/PTD1/SPI0_SCK/TPM0_CH1 [74] => SD_CLK [Output]
CMP0_IN2/PTC8/I2C0_SCL/TPM0_CH4 [65] => SD_Shield_RED_LED [Output]
CMP0_IN3/PTC9/I2C0_SDA/TPM0_CH5 [66] => SD_Shield_Green_LED [Output]
PTA13/TPM1_CH1 [33]      => SD_WP
PTD0/SPI0_PCS0/TPM0_CH0 [73] => SD_SS [Output]
TSI0_CH11/PTB18/TPM2_CH0 [53] => LED_Red [Output]
TSI0_CH12/PTB19/TPM2_CH1 [54] => LED_Green [Output]
TSI0_CH2/PTA1/UART0_RX/TPM2_CH0 [27] => OpenSDA_RxD [Input]
TSI0_CH3/PTA2/UART0_TX/TPM2_CH1 [28] => OpenSDA_TxD [Output]

That gives me information about each pin used, along with the pin number on the microcontroller package (e.g. [27] denotes pin number 27).

To have such a list requires little work on my side. What I need to do is to fill out the ‘pin signal’ field for all the pins. That field is available in ‘Expert’ mode:

Pin Signal in Expert Mode

Pin Signal in Expert Mode

Then I get that above pin/signal list generated in the ‘Documentation’ folder as text file in my project:

Processor Expert Signals Text File

Processor Expert Signals Text File

Simple as that 🙂

💡 Have a look as well into the other XML/text files created in the ‘Documentation’ folder, as they give valuable information.

Happy Signalling 🙂

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