Removal of Processor Expert for a Project

Yes, I’m using Processor Expert *a lot*. But there might be reasons to go without it. Because then I really want to do it the hard-hard-hard core way. Or maybe because I have configured my system, and want to freeze my code. And nothing prevents me to do it ‘my way’.

In any case, it is easy to transform a CodeWarrior Processor Expert project, and then decide to remove that technology from it, and go further with the ‘traditional’ technology.

I have several choices:

  1. If I’m only interested in a driver, I can easily take that code and integrate it into my normal project. See this post how to do this.
  2. I can freeze Processor Expert: that way I still have Processor Expert in the background, but it is frozen and does not change my code anymore. How to do this is described in this post.
  3. The second approach is described here: I have my drivers generated, and then I want to get Processor Expert removed from my project. This transforms the project into a normal C/C++ project. This is the topic of this post.

I’m using here one of the FRDM-KL25Z projects I have created in this tutorial.

Opening that project in Eclipse shows me this:

Freedom LED Project with Processor Expert

Freedom LED Project with Processor Expert

Everything shown in the Components view is in the XML file (see this post about Processor Expert files and structure). To remove Processor Expert from a project, it means removing this file.

For this I close my project so all changes are saved:

Close Project

Close Project

Next I use the context menu on the project and use the Windows Explorer to show me the files on the disk:

Show in Windows Explorer

Show in Windows Explorer

Here I select the Processor Expert files and delete them:

Processor Expert Files in Project Root

Processor Expert Files in Project Root

❗ You might make a backup if you want to re-enable Processor Expert, just in case. The is the important file. The .ProcessorExpert.g_c and .ProcessorExpert.g_x are temporary files and can be removed without a problem.

Now I open the project again in Eclipse:

Open Project

Open Project

Now it is only an ordinary C/C++ project:

Normal Project

Normal Project

💡 If I have created a backup of the file, I can place it again into the project and I have Processor Expert back.


Removing Processor Expert (and adding it again) for a project is easy: this is controlled by the presence of the XML file.

Happy De-PExing 🙂

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