Installing eGit into CodeWarrior Development Studio for MCU v11.1

Sometimes it can be a challenge to update or add plugins to older software or Eclipse versions. The ‘CodeWarrior for MCU’ from NXP is legacy and replaced by the newer MCUXpresso IDE and tools, but I continue to use CodeWarrior for our older projects, and it still works fine after all the years and Windows host updates. However, trying to install from the standard eGit Update site fails:

The workaround to select and install an earlier version, matching the Eclipse from 2018.

From, I can select older releases:

From there, I can download a zip file of the update files:

Then drag&drop the downloaded file into the installation dialog:

This then installs eGit into Eclipse, and after a restart of the IDE I have full git support, including a user guide and the views:

Happy gitting 🙂



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