Introducing Mark’s Video Guest Blog

With great pleasure I can introduce a new guest blogger on McuOnEclipse: Mark Dunnett is going to publish a series of technical videos and tutorials with the LPC55S69 board over the course of the next weeks.

LPC55S69-EVK Box

LPC55S69-EVK Box

Mark is using videos (something I never have been good about) on YouTube and will feature them here on McuOnEclipse.

I know Mark from my time at Motorola, Freescale and NXP. He worked there for more than 17 years as UK microcontroller FAE and started his own consultancy business by end of April 2019: embeddedpro – offering embedded services to clients in Europe.

The series is planned to start next Monday. I’m proud to have Mark hosted on this blog, and l’m sure I will learn a lot from his videos and articles, and I hope you will too.

Happy Mark’ing:-)


💡 PS: And who knows, maybe I will do more videos too.

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