Snowshoe Hiking Impressions

With the hiking trails covered with as much as 50-60 cm snow, the natural way to hike the trails is using snowshoes. Two days ago an extra 10-15 cm snow arrived, and the trails are just amazing. Here are a few impressions from the snowshoe hike today:

Oh, and one last one: as I have received a question about using a possibly secret snowshoe gear: I have received permission to show a picture of that amazing piece of technology:

Secret Snowshoe

Secret Snowshoe

Happy Snowshoeing πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Snowshoe Hiking Impressions

  1. No pictures of your snowshoes? Or it is a new secret model, printed on your 3D tools, and full of microcontrollers? πŸ˜‰


    • Yes, it is a secret model, and I’m not allowed to disclose any details, except that it is constructed out of shiny metal, red plastic and black fabric. I had to hide them under the snow so nobody could see the breakthrough technology πŸ˜‰


      • Novel design on the shoe. The young folk all wear the aluminum tubular frame units. Can hear the tink tink of crunchy snow on them a km away. Use old-timers still use bearpaws made of wood and gut.


        • Maybe I should post yet another (better) picture of the shoes.
          The base plate is made of (red) plastic, making it very silent while walking. So no ‘tink, tink’. And that plastic is very robust and solid.


    • Erich, that would be better. The aluminum tube may be light but noisy and I saw a guy try to span 2 rocks like I can did work well. He walked out with a flat shoe and a “V” shoe interesting track pattern.


        • Floatation in powder snow is pretty good. I walked over about 1 meter powder snow and with the shoes I sunk in about 20-25 cm with a a total weight of about 80 kg. But the powder snow here is more ‘wet’ and not as ‘dry’ as the one I know from the Rocky Mountains.


  2. Beautiful Erich. What was your temp. like during the foray. I would be doing that here except we have been around -20C to -12C during the day. Night has been -31C or lower. Happy trails.


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