EmbSysRegView 0.2.6 for Eclipse Neon and Oxygen

Good news! There is an updated version of the EmbSysRegView v0.2.6 available which works now for Eclipse Neon and Oxygen :-).




In the past, the version 0.2.5 did not work with Eclipse Neon or Oxygen. I was able to install the previous 0.2.5.r180 version, but no view showed up. These days I received a SourceForge update notification so I tried out the new version 0.2.6, and now this one works with Eclipse Neon and Oxygen :-). This short article explains how to install it. For further information, check the links at the end of this article.


Got to https://sourceforge.net/projects/embsysregview/files/embsysregview/0.2.6/ and download the 4 files:

EmbSysRegview on SourceForge

EmbSysRegview on SourceForge

Then copy and place the files into the ‘plugins’ folder inside Eclipse and restart the IDE

Using the Plugin

Start the IDE.

Eclipse Oxygen

Eclipse Oxygen

Then use the menu Window > Show View and open the EmbSys Registers view:

EmbSys Registers

EmbSys Registers

Select the device using the ‘wrench’ icon, and double-click on a register to read it from the target:

EmbSysRegisters View in Eclipse

EmbSysRegisters View in Eclipse


Finally the EmbSys Registers view works for Eclipse Neon and Eclipse Oxygen for me. I successfully installed it into MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.2 (Neon) and stock Eclipse Oxygen and had so far no issues using it. At the time of writing this article the Eclipse update site (http://embsysregview.sourceforge.net/update) still had the 0.2.5 version on it, but I expect that the update site will soon have the latest version too.

Happy Registering 🙂


9 thoughts on “EmbSysRegView 0.2.6 for Eclipse Neon and Oxygen

  1. Hi Erich,
    thanks a lot as always.
    Can you find NXP/Freescale KE02 in your Eclipse stock installation (I have Neon.3).
    EmbSysRegView would be useful to use P&E Multilink, which I can’t use with GNU ARM CMSIS Packs.

    Best Regards


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  5. Hi.
    Putting the files into the ‘plugins’ folder did not work for me. I had to put it into the ‘dropins’ folder.
    My Eclipse version: “Oxygen gen.1a Release (4.7.1a)”.


    • Interesting, I don’t think that this has changed. I just did it the same way with Oxygen Release (4.7.0). But it could be that it depends on the host (I’m using Windows 10) and possible permissions problems (I’m using Eclipse *not* in the Program Files folder.


  6. Hi,
    Thank you for this article. It is very helpful for our development activities.
    I am using Eclipse Oxygen.2 Release (4.7.2) on Windows 7 Enterprise.
    It doesn’t work when I copy the files to “Plugins” folder, but copying the files to “Dropins” folder seems to work like magic.


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