Mostly Sunny, or: Why you should Hike in the Rain: Ibergeregg to Spirstock

So we prepared a hiking trip the day before. The weather forecast said “mostly sunny”.  Only to find out that the weather was not that great in the morning. Yes, true: Technically  the sun is shining, at least above the clouds:

Mostly Sunny or not?

Mostly Sunny? A good day for a hiking tour!

But hey, we planned for a hike! A few clouds could would not change that, right? In Switzerland we even do a hike when it is raining :-). Below is the route we took: from the Ibergeregg (1406m) summit to the Spirstock (Hoch-Ybrig) (1770m) on the red line route and back again on the blue line route: The way up is about 2.5 hours and back around 2 hours:

Ibergeregg Spirstock (Map: Google Earth)

Ibergeregg to Spirstock (Map: Google Earth) (click to enlarge)

The hike started with clouds. But soon afterwards it started raining.

Hiking with the clouds

Hiking with the clouds

There are different kind of rain. It started slowly, and then with more and more rain. When it rains, it pours! But there is no bad weather, only bad equipment ;-). Luckily, the trails were not so muddy and sloppy, and we found a small shelter to eat something for lunch.

💡 Actually we planned for a different hiking trip which would be dangerous on such a rainy day. So we hope we can do that one a next time.

The good thing was that we were able to test our rain gear.  And yes, it showed some weak spots, good to know and fix for the next time. No worries about getting sun burned. The other good thing: no issue with overcrowed places and trails, we were the only ones :-).

The other positive thing: no distraction by a great panorama. The trail is known as ‘Panorama Trail’, and that panorama only could be guessed. The picture below is one of the better ones, as I did not want to ruin my camera in the rain.

Panorama Trail

Panorama Trail?

Quoting my wife: “instead taking pictures, we can focus on the hike”. Oh, well…. 😉

Luckily, after 2 hours things started to clear up:

Clearing up

Clearing up

The Spirstock speak comes out of the clouds:



A chair lift ends up on the Spirstock, but it was shut down because of the bad weather:

Spirstock Panorama

Spirstock Panorama (click to enlarge)

Returning from the Spirstock, the sky cleared up even more:

Going down from Spirstock

Going down from Spirstock (click to enlarge)

Local fauna, still wet, most likely happy about the weather change too:

Happy Local Fauna

Happy Local Fauna

Laucheren (St. Wendelin) Chapelle on the way back:

Laucheren (St. Wendelin) Kapelle

Laucheren (St. Wendelin) Kapelle

Me sitting in front of the chapelle, smiling because of the blue sky :-).


Laucheren Kapelle

The views on a way back are always different. But this time obviously it is a huge difference: view down to the Äbnenmatt were we came from:


Äbnenmatt (click to enlarge)

On the way back, we took a different route though the Ober Altberg, and returned to the Ibergeregg summit.

Ober Altberg

Ober Altberg

Hiking on a cloudy and rainy day is fun too, especially if it clears up in the afternoon. So the weather forecast was not wrong, it was indeed ‘mostly sunny’. Much less than half of the day, but I guess this all depends on what the definition of ‘mostly’ would be ;-).

Happy Sunshining 🙂

5 thoughts on “Mostly Sunny, or: Why you should Hike in the Rain: Ibergeregg to Spirstock

  1. I spent the day skiing in a white out, on my favorite run, it’s short with a good amount of vertical. Like your day, most the day I was the only one of the run/chairlift. It really tests you when you can’t even see which way is down. Saturday, the day before, was clear blue skies, many more people out and long lift queues.


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