How Trees grow on Trees

I have been busy with too many things, so I apologize: no techy blog post this weekend. But what I can share is a unique wonder of nature encountered during a bike trip today at the end of the Klöntalsee:

Trees growing on a tree

Trees growing on a tree (click to enlarge)

That pictures shows a big maple tree with two coniferous trees growing on it. If you don’t spot them: click on the picture to enlarge. That maple tree grows around 1200 meter above sea level, inside a bigger group of maple trees on the north side of the group. Because that way things are still kind of humid on the tree, it can host these two other threes. I estimate the age of the two trees between 10 and 15 years. I’m wondering how long this can continue?

Happy Growing 🙂

4 thoughts on “How Trees grow on Trees

  1. That’s pretty cool. Do you think the conifer roots penetrate the bark of the maple? I imagine they must have taken root originally in the mats of moss.


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