Carlina Acaulis – Silberdistel

The Carlina Aucalis (we call it locally the “Silberdistel”) is native to alpine regions in central Europe. When all the other flowers disappear in fall time, the Silberdistel is worth a stop while hiking in higher alpine regions.

White Silberdistel

White Silberdistel

The basement of the flowers are eatable (similar like Artichoke). The rhizome has a toxic and antibacterial oil which has been used in the past as animal and human medicine. With collecting the dry flowers (they are protected in some regions!), beautiful ‘dry flower arrangements’ can be created.



Group with Silberdisteln

Group with Silberdistel

Happy Disteling 🙂

5 thoughts on “Carlina Acaulis – Silberdistel

    • Hi Charles,
      That’s indeed a related species, thanks for sharing! The ones we see here grow up to about 40 cm, but most are around 20 cm. As a child we digged out the rhizoms, and they can go down up to one meter, so very deep.


  1. Hi Erich, I am using KL25 and need to do a GSM read from a server. Idea is connecting KL25 and GSM board (SIM900) using UART interface and do GSM read from a Server (IP, port). On reading, i plan to blink LED at KL25 development board. Do you have a GSM read sample code for reference? Thanks a ton 🙂


    • Hi Sabiha,
      well, that post about the Silberdistel might be an uncommon place for such a question :-). To your question: I don’t have such an example, because the protocol is very different between GSM modules. What you want to do is very feasible: I recommend that you create a project with Processor Expert, use the McuOnEclipse LED project (you can google for tutorials on this) and use the AsynchroSerial (UART) component to read in your data from the GSM module.
      Good luck!


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