Cedar Planked Smoked Sesame Salmon and Tuna

Thanks for all the tips and comments on the “Salmon on Cedar Planks” recipe! With all the new knowledge and some experiments, here is my next variant of smoking fish:

Seasam Tuna And Salmon on Cedar Planks

Sesame Tuna and Salmon on Cedar Planks

Based on a tip from my friend Greg, this time used a brine. Not sure why, but brining fish somehow is not a common practice here (or I simply did not know). I was first very sceptical, but the result convinced me that this is really a good thing!

💡 Brining means soaking fish for some time in a sea-salt based solution. Some brine recipe just say brining for 10 minutes or so, other recipes indicate brining overnight.

For my first brine I used a basic recipe:

  • 1 TS (Table Spoon) of kosher sea salt (do not used iodized salt!)
  • 1 TS brown sugar
  • 4 cups of cold water

I have brined the fish for three hours in the refrigerator.

Fish in Brine

Fish in Brine

For the dressing I used sesame seeds in a soy sauce:Sesam Soy Dressinig

The dressing gets on both side of the fish, added lemon slices and frozen spinach:

Fish with Sesam Dressing and Frozen Spinach

Fish with Sesame Dressing and Frozen Spinach

Then placed it into the smoker, smoking at around 80-95°C:

Salmon with Spinach

Salmon with Spinach

After one hour in the smoker:

Smoking for one hour

Smoking for one hour

Took it out after 1 hour and 15 minutes (in retrospect I should have taken out the tuna after one hour):

Seasam Tuna And Salmon on Cedar Planks

Sesame Tuna And Salmon on Cedar Planks

The result was really looking good:

Salmon with Spinach

Salmon with Spinach

Tuna with Spinach

Tuna with Spinach

Everything had a nice smoking flavour, combined with the smell of the cedar blanks. The spinach was well cooked, but maybe next time I will defrost it upfront to have it a bit warmer and cooked a bit more.

The tuna was a bit overcooked for my taste, so next time I’ll take it out 15 minutes earlier. But it tasted delicious!

Tuna Detail

Tuna Detail

The salmon on the other side was perfect: juicy, full of flavours, and with the brining the fat came out not as much as in my earlier attempt

Salmon Detail

Salmon Detail

In summary: very successful with improvement points identified. I think next time I will brine it overnight in the refrigerator, and measure the temperature inside the tuna and take it out earlier. For the dressing I will plan to add Teriyaki sauce as well. If you have other tips or tricks, simply comment and let us all know :-).

Happy Brining 🙂


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