Zumo Robots at Maker Faire in Rome (16. – 18. Oct. 2015)

I won’t be able to attend the Maker Faire in Rome (16. – 18. Oct. 2015). But five of the Sumo bots students from the previous semesters have built and programmed will be there.

Sumo Robots

Sumo Robots

The two robots on the left are based on the Pololu chassis and base board (see “The Freedom Zumo Robot“). The one on the right with the Ultrasonic sensors is based on our own University board (see “Zumo robot assembled“).

I have shipped two robots capable doing line following and maze solving (see “Freedom Robot solves the Maze“):

Line Following and Maze Solving Bots

Line Following and Maze Solving Bots

The third generation robot (with the green PCB on the left) has Bluetooth and wireless connectivity using the nRF24L01+ transceiver. So it can be controlled remotely with an extra FRDM-KL25Z board and a Joystick shield (shown in the middle).:-).

You will find the robots in action at the Freescale booth, Pavillion G, booth 8, 9 and 10. You will find other boards like the FRDM-KL46Z, the FRDM-K64F, the new MULTI2-B sensor board and the UDOO NEO with a Photobooth demo. So if you have a chance to be in Rome, say “hello” to the robots :-).

Happy Fairing 🙂


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