Lakeside View

It was a very warm (32°C) and beautiful summer Sunday. Spent some time at the ‘house lake’. The picture shows a view over Lake Lauerz to my home village on the other side:

Lake View

Lake View over Lake Lauerz (click to enlarge)

Far to the left the Rigi, with the Rossberg in the middle. On the left of the Rossberg is the rock slide area from 1806 (see “Hacking the Heating System for Cooling – Geothermal Drilling with extra Benefits“). On the right the Spiegelberg and then far to the right part of the Mythen.

Happy Laking 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lakeside View

  1. Erich,
    This is a great wide angle shot. extreme detail when enlarged. What is on the little island to the right side of the frame, looks like a mini castle.


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