Show Opcodes in Eclipse Disassembly View

One new feature in CDT 8.4 or later is the ability to see the instruction opcode in the disassembly view:

Opcodes in Disassembly View

Opcodes in Disassembly View

Before that, I had to use the Memory view to inspect the instruction opcodes. The ability to see the instruction opcodes is especially useful if I’m running code in RAM (especially self-modifying code for special purposes), and be able to see the opcodes that way helps a lot.

💡 However, for ARM (Thumb mode) the disassembly has a bug ( instead of return 16bit opccodes, the instructions are 32bit and do not make much sense 😦

To show the opcodes, right-click on the address column on the left and select ‘Show Opcodes’:

Show Opcodes

Show Opcodes

This feature is included in CDT 8.4. Freescale Kinetis Design Studio switched from CDT 4.3 (in KDS v2.0.0) to CDT 8.6 in KDS v3.0.0. But as this does not work very well for ARM Thumb mode, I guess I have to wait until this is fixed in GDB :-(.

Happy Opcoding 🙂

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