Say ‘Hello’ to Manya!

I have a problem, and I want to solve it. I’m documenting my journey, findings, tips and tricks in this blog. However as I’m progressing, things are getting too advanced for others who are beginners or new to the embedded world. For them, my latest tutorials might be simply too complex. For beginners my stuff is far too advanced. Yes, there is a compendium, and yes, anyone could start reading from the early days. But things like tools have changed on my journey: I moved up from CodeWarrior to Kinetis Design Studio, so my very early tutorials do not apply to the current tools any more. Should I reset and reboot myself? Update or rewrite articles (would be many!)? Luckily, I don’t have to! At the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) in Austin this week, I have met a solution for my problem:

Say ‘hello’ to Manya 🙂

Say hello to Manya, my new Guest Blogger

Say hello to Manya, my new Guest Blogger

You know: the interns always can do the cool and fun stuff, right? At FTF I met Manya Rastogi, and she is an intern at Freescale in Austin/TX. I asked Manya if she could put up a diary documenting her internship as a guest blogger, and she agreed :-).  I will let her introducue herself, and she will start posting soon. I’m very excited about that: It will give me a new fresh perspective and adds new content to McuOnEclipse for beginners and everyone else. Problem solved :-).

Follow Manya under the following blog tag: Manya’s Diary.

Hello Manya, and welcome 🙂



9 thoughts on “Say ‘Hello’ to Manya!

  1. Welcome Manya!
    I can’t comment to your “Hello World!! :)” post so i add it here. Last day i found new k26 kinetis – they are just awesome. Are there any plans for Freescale to manufacture FRDM board with k26 lqfp packadge to test HS USB?


  2. Hi Erich, Long time since i have not asked any question or commented. Its true, If i miss to visit your blog for short period, i always have lot to caught with. I was happy to see your start with Manya’s Diary.

    For Manya,
    Congratulation for been Chosen!!!!

    I have been following Erich Since 2012. I have myself grown reading the embedded stories and fun. To add more i even started my own blog with his inspiration, well you can see it is not updating…but i would request you to learn something( beside the embedded stuff) which is dedication to write experience like Erich or would say pen down everyday anything learned stuffs. Make Mistakes and blog it.

    He is a truly a great mentor in Embedded system, his Problem based learning ( PBL) techniques and notes are like bible ( just open a blog you have a solution or new thing to understand or learn). With mistakes he did, we learned a great stuffs from it. So Blog Blog Blog…hehehehe

    I wish you best luck. Have great fun.

    Like Erich says…..” Happy blogging” 🙂


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