Foto Impressions from FTF 2014

It has been a very busy week so far here at the Freescale Technology Forum in Dallas. I barely had time to capture pictures. And to give you an impression: that conference site was HUGE in my view: Everything is bigger in Texas :-). And I’m told that it has ‘only’ 1500 hotel rooms, and that it must be one of the smaller sites? Well, it is Texas 🙂

Sunrise with airplane

Sunrise with airplane, the conference site was very close to the DFW airport

Make-It Lab

The ‘Make-It’ Lab with Hack-a-Day. Big Fun!

Session Participants

Session Participants

Kinetis Design Studio Hands-On Session

Hands-On Session on Kinetis Design Studio and Mark Ruthenbeck and Ruth Rhoades

FTF Hands-On Session

The Hands-On Sessions were packed and fully booked.


The amazing conference site Hotel inner area

Tech-Lab with lots of technology demos

Tech-Lab with lots of technology demos (and food) 🙂


I *love* dessert!

Keynote and opening session

Keynote and opening session

Keynote and opening session

Keynote and opening session

Keynote and opening session

Keynote and opening session

Keynote audience

Keynote audience (picture only shows about half of the space

Live Band at FTF

Live Band at FTF (Sound level has too high in my opinion, but the band was pretty good)

Happy Watching 🙂

11 thoughts on “Foto Impressions from FTF 2014

  1. The one year I can not attend and you are there. Had 10 or 11 sessions scheduled. Oh well work is more important I guess.


  2. I expect hundreds of your loyal blog followers wish they could have been there with you. Thanks for the photos.


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  5. Hello Erich,
    It was a pleasure to meet you during FTF. Full-time professors tend to forget that there is life outside Academy, and your blog is one of the sources I use to keep in touch with the “outside world”. FTF is also the way I find to look for ideas on things I can do to solve problems in the real world.


  6. Hi Erich,
    It was great to see you again at FTF and listen to your insightful presentations. I am a great fan of Processor Expert and it is very reassuring when someone like you promotes it.

    I came across a lot of relevant information that would have been harder to come across without attending FTF. There were a few disappointments too:
    1) Still can’t download (KDS) Kinetis Design Studio Beta 1.0.0
    2) Link to Dean Kamen’s video has been taken down – what a sacrilege! Anyone who missed FTF must see it (if Freescale decides to put the link back. It was there last Friday and I watched it entirely).
    3) No support in Codewarrior for newer Kinetis devices :-(. On the other hand, I am struggling to get my Codewarrior 10.6 USB dongle working with my new Windows 7 machine.



    • Hi Irwin,
      yes, it was great to meet you at FTF, and it is good to meet other fans of Processor Expert.
      1) Yes, Freescale is incorporating changes based on the hands-on sessions at FTF, and the date says May 2nd.
      2) That’s really a sacrilege! Not sure why, maybe because it contains other videos, and probably lawyers enforced this 😦
      3) I was thinking about this a lot too, but I think at the end it is not as bad as it sounds. I’m using Eclipse Kepler with Processor Expert, and KDS is 98% of this. And this is unlimited and free (like Kepler), so your dongle problem will a none-issue.


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