Hello World!

Welcome to the “MCU on Eclipse” blog!

Hello World‘ seems indeed a good headline for this first entry. Even if I consider a printf(“Hello World!”) not as something you should use as a first baby step in an embedded project: printf() has many better alternatives. But this is the ‘hello’ to the big world outside.

And this nicely introduces about what this blog mainly is about: an engineering diary (well, not on a daily base) around the exiting world of embedded systems and programming. Many of my friends, students and coworkers have asked me about an online way to share tips and tricks around embedded systems and especially on CodeWarrior for MCU with eclipse. That’s why the name of this blog is “MCU on Eclipse“. CodeWarrior is using eclipse, and it is a nearly endless source of features, which sometimes might be confusing. I’m learning everyday something new, and this blog is a way for me to give something back to the community.

Have fun!

11 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Hello, I started reading your blog a little over a month and I have done much the information I got. So I decided to start reading your blog from the beginning. I work programming microcontrollers , I usually work with the QE16. I have some experience with Coldfire V1 and I’m just typing in the Kinetis family (especially now with the freedom board), I want to learn to work well with RTOS (MQX and FreeRTOS).

    Your blog is amazing, even you’re the only search option with regard to certain issues in google.

    Happy blogging πŸ™‚


  2. Dear all,
    this is a very Exciting web for all Freescale user!!
    I am in China, why visit it is difficulty. Hope you can change a domain name πŸ™‚


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