A Compendium: is this what you are looking for?

When I started this blog back on February 1st 2012 with a ‘hello world‘ post, I did not know where and how this well end up. WordPress.com (the host of this blog) counted 1862 views in that first month. 30 months later (time is flying by!), views they are beyond 100k every month! Thanks to you all for commenting and liking posts, which is very encouraging. And there was one suggesting made recently which I would like to address:

Compendium Page

Compendium Page

The thing is that I received questions for things I wrote an article in the past already. Which is great as I can simply point to that article ;-). But obviously it was not easy to find that information.

The issue with blogs like this one on WordPress is that it is a series of articles, with linear structure: one article after each other. So it is easy to miss earlier articles or not to find them. Yes, I link back to articles, but I rarely go back to old articles and create forward links. It is simply a lot of work and needs even more time. WordPress has added recently a feature which automatically identifies and propses similar posts at the end of every article, but that does not solve the full problem.

The ‘Search’ button in WordPress does not find much. The reality is, that even myself I need to google my own articles :-). It tells me that indeed things are not easy to find. So what is my solution?

What I did is: I created a ‘Compendium’ page where I have organized articles into topic buckets, which hopefully makes it easier for you all to find an article to a topic. After several hours of building that Compendium page, I have organized and completed all (relevant) articles of the year 2014.

Before doing the remaining work and list the 2012 and 2013 articles into the Compendium page, I wanted check with you if you find it useful or not with a small survey:

Happy Voting 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Compendium: is this what you are looking for?

  1. Great idea, Erich!


    A couple of other ideas to think about might be to:
    * invite someone to volunteer to handle the “maintenace” side of your blog;

    * try to find someone to compile and edit your tutorials into either an online book and/or a print book;

    * hire someone to write an MCU tutorial with your educator’s flair and oversight, and let them fund it through jumpstarter.com.

    Just a couple of thoughts that might help more people invent more things based on the “mysterious” microcontrollers.


    • All good ideas, thanks!
      Actually I have seen pictures of a book (in Polish?) of someone who created a book with my tutorials: using the tutorials in this blog, he did his own version and translated everything to Polish language. Unfortunately I don’t have any other reference. Maybe someone could point to that book?


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