Thanks for 1’001’107 Views!

I admit: It would be somewhat disappointing to write articles, only to realize that nobody reads it. WordPress is my favorite blogging platform as I get detailed statistical data who in the world is reading MCUonEclipse:

Geographic distribution

MCUonEclipse Reads Geographic distribution

Geographic Distribution

According to the statistics, most reads on MCUonEclipse come from the USA, followed by Germany, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, India, France, Canada, Spain and Poland.

❗ Don’t worry: this is only statistical data, and has no other information.

Of course this is influenced by the fact that this blog is in English, and is about software and microcontroller. It tells me that the subject is not much of interest in Central Africa, which probably reflects access to internet and availability of tech companies in this area? No surprise: the topic of Embedded System is very popular in the USA and Europe. And I realized that it is on the rise in Central and South America and Asia. China is not listed high probably because of the language barrier, and I know that WordPress sites are blocked over there. But I’m sure there are a lot of activities in China too and always numbers are up for interpretation.

Thank you!

The MCUonEclipse journey started Feb 1st 2012. It started 1k monthly reads and is now at 80k every month :-). And when I looked today at the numbers, I realized that it reached 1 million reads since the beginning :-). If you read this: thank you all!Β  I say ‘thanks’ to you all, because it is an appreciation and encourages me to continue doing it.

I’m blogging because I want to give back something to the world-wide web: the web is such a great source of information, and I’m counting on all the excellent information out there put together by users in their free time to help others. So I want to give back and help others too. And it helps me too, as a professor I know that you learn things as well with writing it down :-). And sometimes I need to google my own articles to find my own tips&tricks ;-).

Happy Reading πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “Thanks for 1’001’107 Views!

  1. It is quite rare to find site like this that encapsulates so much in a very digestible manner. Thanks so much for all your efforts and enjoy your time outside in the snow! πŸ˜‰


      • We bought a snowblower machine a year ago when a neighbor moved to Florida. He bought it new and then decided to move instead. It has worked *perfectly* and effortlessly. We haven’t gotten one flake of snow since we got it. πŸ™‚

        We have gotten snow before though:


  2. IΒ΄m from Brazil and IΒ΄m very impressive about this statistics because we donΒ΄t have a large number of engineers. I know Canada has a lot of engineers, much more than Brazil, then I canΒ΄t understand how this statistic happen.

    Definitely it is one of the best microelectronics blog!




    • Hi Luciano,
      I think the number of engineers probably does not matter that much, but more how much engineers are reaching out for information or how much they are learning new things. So to me South America is on that track and acquiring new knowledge a lot and fast.


  3. Congrats Erich,

    You and your blog are the reason I selected the FRDM-KL25Z over all the other microcontroller development platforms when I was figuring out how to upgrade our product line. I had been originally working with Atmel and Microchip but there was nothing like your blog for their MCUs.

    You have held the hand of many thousands of people who have been trying to teach themselves about these great Freescale products.

    THANK YOU as sincerely as I can offer it.


    • You are more than welcome! I have the gift to be in an university/educational environment, so I have the ability to share a lot of things. And it is a real pleasure if I can grow or help engineers (as long they are engineers in their mind ;-)) to make the world a better place.


  4. Erich, this is great blog for engineers (and for Freescale also :-)).
    It would be interesting if you have all this statistical data to recalculate for countries per heads.


    • Hi Jiri,
      yes, WordPress provides the numbers per country. For the Czech Republic it counts 14’178 views. If I’m not wrong, the population of the Czech Republic is around 10 million? WordPress counts the visitors too, and there are about 2.5 views per visitor. I believe WordPress counts visitors by IP address. Not sure how many engineers exist in your country?


  5. Merry Christmas Erich.
    Your blog has already helped me out of a few jams, and it’s also the first place I look for help too.
    Thanks for giving back, it is much appreciated and valued.
    Tim on Whidbey Island.


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