Hello World!! :)

Hello to all the amazing viewers of this fantastic blog! I am Manya Rastogi, a Master’s student at Texas A&M University pursuing Electrical Engineering. This summer, I got a wonderful opportunity to intern at Freescale, as a Technical Product Marketer for the Kinetis Microcontrollers.
Freescale gave me the great chance to attend the Freescale Technology Forum 2015, where I met Erich, a very talented engineer and blogger.  I am really grateful to him for giving me the chance to be his guest blogger.

This summer, I will be working on Freescale’s Kinetis MCU development boards, which offer a myriad of application possibilities.  The Kinetis boards have a lot in store that we can use to innovate, create and design almost anything that can be imagined.  So, just tighten your seatbelts to start the journey where we unveil the wonders of the technology with Kinetis MCUs. Together we will learn how to use the Kinetis MCU boards for various applications, don’t you worry because we will be doing some really cool and awesome stuff. Feel free to share your suggestions with me at any point of time because we are all together in this journey.
This summer, let’s learn and share!!

4 thoughts on “Hello World!! :)

  1. Welcome Manya, what an exciting internship with Freescale, and joining with Erich on this crazily informative blog. Wow look forward to your “intern eyes” view giving us inside stories :).
    Erich, Interesting the K26 – I did a quick eye-ball comparison of the 144LQFP versions MK26FN2M0VLQ18 v MK20FX512VLQ12 (2USB) and the pinouts are compatible, with the K26 USB1 coming out on same K20 pins PGA2/PGA3 – Very exciting.
    Look forward to further anaylsis – it could fit a new board I’m working on which I had slated the which I had MK20FX512VLQ12 – but painful pinout with the HS USB Phy.
    The part does seem to be available from Freescale store, but not Digikey.
    I’d order a FRDM board straight away if it was available 🙂 –


      • Thank you so much for working with Kinetis, it’s great having you as a customer! As Erich noted, we don’t have a FRDM board using K26; however, we do have a TWR-K65F180M board that you can use today that will allow you to evaluate the HS USB module. This is a superset device that will allow you to perform your evaluation.


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