Sumo with GoPro, and other Sumo Videos

Here are the videos and results of the Mini-Sumo competition held on 19-Dec-2014 in Horw, Switzerland:

  • Winner full-autonomous tournament: “The:Flash”
  • Winner semi-autonomous tournament: “Banana-Rob”

See “Infotronic WS2014 Sumo Robots are Ready!” for all the robot portraits.

Watching a Sumo Battle

Watching a Sumo Battle

Some findings:

  1. “No strategy” is a winning strategy too 😉
  2. Sometimes it is better not to move and let the other robot to run into disaster….
  3. Yes, robots can dance too!
  4. A GoPro camera robot can change the perspective!
GoPro Robot

GoPro Camera Robot

The first tournament mode was using full autonomous mode: the robots had to use their sensors to win the battles:

The second tournament round was in semi-autonomous mode, allowed to control the sumo robots with Bluetooth and/or nRF24L01+:

And if you are wondering how this all looks like from the robots point of view (thanks to Philipp Herzog for this great idea and contribution):

The teams and robots did great, and it was a lot of fun!

The results and rankings are available here:

Happy Sumoing 🙂



3 thoughts on “Sumo with GoPro, and other Sumo Videos

  1. Erich,
    Thanks for sharing the videos. Theses came out great and the students did a great job. Glad to see with the learning they are having fun. If it is ok I will be showing these to the Jr. High engineering club when they return from Christmas break.

    The Go-Pro perspective was novel and enlightening.

    What sensors were allowed on the units besides the Ping?


    • any sensors were allowed, as long the mini Sumo rules were respected (10×10 cm, 500g). The HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor is a default one we use in the lectures.
      Be free to share anything…


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