First New Zumo Board out of the Reflow Oven

Andreas populated the first board with SMD parts and sent it through the reflow oven. The 32 kHz quartz is missing because not all parts arrived on time. The soldering of the Freescale Kinetis K22 microcontroller is not perfect yet, so will need some tweaking and inspection under the microscope, as well some other parts. Christian will do an inspection and electrical tests, then it will be my job to get it connected to the debugger. Keep my fingers crossed to get a blinking LED 🙂

New Zumo Bot Board, mostly populated

First new Zumo Robot Board, out of the Reflow Oven

6 thoughts on “First New Zumo Board out of the Reflow Oven

  1. I love this board, the integration is great. I always find soldering that size of a surface mount controller easiest by hand with a hot air gun and some flux, that way you can inspect as you mount. I am sure reflow oven method will eventually give best results though. Great work.


    • Thanks, I pass that to Andreas and Christian (they did the hard schematic and layout work). We faced some issues with the amount of soldering paste (too much applied). Well, always learning. After fixing that, Christian measured a shortcut, which was really hard to find. Actually it was a fault in the Gerber files caused by the producer of the board :-(. Luckily the issue has been located, and with drilling a hole and another small fix that problem is solved. At least we think so. I expected to make the board bring-up this week-end, but with this problem the board was not ready yet. Crossing fingers for next week-end, and I have other week-end work piled up 🙂


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