Finding Settings in Processor Expert Components

Processor Expert components are making things very easy to configure: go a component, use the component inspector and change a setting. However, with the devices getting more and more complex, the list of settings or properties get longer and longer. To the point that it is hard to find a setting.

For example, where are the settings for the PLL in the CPU component?

Component with Settings

Component with Settings

The solution is to use the ‘Search…’ function in that view (which is rather hidden in Eclipse). It is behind the small triangle of the view (or using the CTRL+F shortcut):

Component Inspector View Menu

Component Inspector View Menu

This opens I dialog where I can filter for what I’m looking for:

Filter in Find Dialog

Filter in Find Dialog

Double clicking on a line or pressing OK jumps to that setting:

Found the PLL

Found the PLL!


Happy Searching 🙂

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