Hike around the Engelstock

The ‘Engelstock’ is located in the Canton Schwyz, Switzerland, with an elevation of 1287 m. A hike around it reveals stunning views to mountains and lakes.

Engel (German): Angel, name for an elevated point.
Stock (German): Hill, usually covered by a forest.

It is an easy hike (see https://www.sattel-hochstuckli.ch/en/adventures/engelstock-loop-trail.html) and takes around 1.5 – 2 hours).

Engelstock Map

Engelstock Map (Source: https://www.sattel-hochstuckli.ch)

The hike goes through alpine meadows with stunning views to lakes and the Swiss alps. The easiest way to access the area is to take the revolving gondola lift from Sattel (800 m) up to Mostelberg (1200 m). Join me on a virtual tour …

I hope you enjoyed the virtual hike.

Happy Hiking 🙂


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