P&E Eclipse Update Site for GNU ARM Eclipse Plugins

P&E has just released a new version of their Eclipse plugins for the set of GNU ARM Eclipse debug plugins. The GNU ARM Eclipse plugins from Liviu support OpenOCD and Segger J-link, so with this update or extension it adds P&E support to it. With this, I can use the P&E debug devices (P&E Multilink, Tracelink) or as well the Freescale OpenSDA with it.

PnE Debug Interfaces

PnE Debug Interfaces

To use the P&E plugin, first the Liviu GNU ARM Eclipse Plugins need to be installed, see “DIY Free Toolchain for Kinetis: Part 7 – GNU ARM Eclipse Plugins“.

To install the P&E plugins and updates, point the Eclipse updater to

PEMicro Eclipse Update Site

PEMicro Eclipse Update Site

With this, I have the needed GDB Server files and panels to work with the P&E debug interfaces:

PnE Debug Interfaces

PnE Debug Interfaces

  • USB Multilink
  • Cyclone
  • TraceLink
  • OpenSDA
PnE Debugger Panel

PnE Debugger Panel

The cool thing is that this includes all necessary files and the GDB server, so makes it really easy to use and install.

Happy P&E-ing

21 thoughts on “P&E Eclipse Update Site for GNU ARM Eclipse Plugins

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  2. Dear Erich,
    I’m doing exactly what you write on the post, but when run debug, I got this fault: “Error while launching command: gdb –version”

    I’ve search many pages on google but it’s not works. Could you fix this error for me, please!
    Thanks for advandce! πŸ™‚


      • Ofcourse that “gdb\bin\arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe” exists on my system, I can run it and there is a cmd terminal appears on screen when running GDB, but the error still on Eclipse.


        • Where is the gdb on your system? Can you use an absolute path like
          Another common problem is that the PATH environment variables has some strange things in it, e.g. a double semicolon (;;). Can you check your PATH variable?


      • Sorry about the “test”.
        Why does the path is so important while I link the right path to .exe file of gdb, and that “arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe” still works!?
        I checked the path again and there is no duplicate semicolon (;;) in the path.
        I think we are stucked! 😦


        • Hi Hung,
          the path is important because your message indicates that the gdb.exe is not found. I had such a case in my class, and the student did an uninstall and re-installed KDS (if you are using KDS). That somehow solved the problem. Maybe you could give this a try?
          Actually, speaking about KDS: I hope you have installed it in a new folder, and not ‘over’ an existing installation folder?


  3. Hi Eric,
    Just wondering if you’ve tried the P&E plugin with Eclipse Neon yet – and whether its been successful. I have problems installing the plugin either from the updates site or from the downloaded zip. I’m wondering whether it might be a compatibility issue. It installed fine when i tried Mars but I was hoping to keep up with the latest IDE.
    Thanks, Leon


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