Snow on Green

January 25th 2014. It was a cold night, with little snowfall overnight.

A beautiful morning, blue sky with a wonderful sun light, slowly melting away the snow in the lower areas. Parts of Lake Lowerz are still frozen. The green grass is not as green as it will be, but getting stronger every day. Fog trying to get into the valley from the areas outside the alps, making a dramatic entry nearby the Rigi mountain.  A freight train coming from Italy is heading to the North, while international planes are drawing their lines into the blue sky:

View to the west with the Rigi mountain in on the right.

View to the west with the Rigi mountain in on the right.

On the Rossberg mountain, ‘Wildspitz’ is the highest peak is snow-covered too. That range brought death to hundreds of people back in 1806. Fog and clouds are like the dust created by that event more than 200 years ago, but at this time it was brown and yellow, bringing death to the people in the valley:

Rossberg Mountain with Wildspitz Peak

Rossberg Mountain with Wildspitz Peak in the Middle

On the East side, the peaks of the Mythen mountains are thin covered with snow, creating a beautiful contrast with the green in the lower areas:

View to the East with the Mythen Peaks

View to the East with the Mythen Peaks

Spring will come soon, and the green areas will start blooming in colors. I cannot wait…

6 thoughts on “Snow on Green

    • I walked up to that small hill, and the beauty and the light hit me. I had to stop, and I deeply enjoyed the view. And then I felt that I need to take some pictures for a post this evening so others can enjoy it too :-).


    • I’ve grown up in that area, and my family lives here for centuries. I started to see the beauty when I started travelling around the world. Just staying in one place can make everyone blind-sided. I have seen many beautiful places in the world, and only with knowing more places I started truely to appreciate this and other places in the world. Traveling is such a mind-opening thing: it both lets me see things from another perspective, and the same time appreciate what I or others can enjoy. This reminds me that I might post some of my pictures from my travel adventures.


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