Kinetis K60 Crowdfunding Board

Crowd-funding is getting even more popular, and I was pointed to this project: a crowd-funded open hardware board based on the Freescale Kinetis K60 device, featured on Indiegogo:

OHI Board with Freescale K60

OHI Board with Freescale K60

Looks like Italy is the source of so many ‘Arduino-like’ projects, and this one comes from Italy too :-).

❓ Most of the description text unfortunately is in Italian, so I hope this will change soon.

For me that board could sit on top of my small robot, adding enough horse power for advanced tasks. The board has the microcontroller pins on different headers and includes a microSD card socket (which I desperately miss on the Freescale FRDM boards), along with a (device only?) USB port. If there would be an ethernet port, that would increase greatly the usefulness of this board. It is not super-cheap (higher volumes for sure would drop the price), but as it is: a lot of processing power and RAM, extensible with the headers on the board. As for myself: I have claimed one board for myself to try out. Will see how it goes ….

Happy Funding 🙂

9 thoughts on “Kinetis K60 Crowdfunding Board

  1. I have tried to issue crowdfund on KS for my E-Paper/RFID label badge idea. Unfortunately it doesn’t work out for a non-US nor non-UK residents. Indiegogo seems more open. But I don’t know if really as popular as KS.


  2. Recommended software package for development basic SSH ,SSL web server , and support IPv6 and SNMP in the next generation . I know there are more then one option , what is your recommended package to do it fast ?


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