CDE Hacking: Component Icon

Ah, a lot of work went into a new Processor Expert component, and finally it shows up in the component library:

default user icon

default user icon

Oh, wait: *that* icon does not look nice enough for that amount of work behind the component?

What happened? Processor Expert component wizard has used a default user icon.

Component Wizard

In the component wizard I can change the icon to one of the predefined ones:

Icon Selection in the component wizard

Icon Selection in the component wizard

Copy from an existing icon

Another way is to change and use one of the icons which are available in the components from here:

  1. Import the component(s).
  2. Copy the .bmp from the Beans\\*.bmp (see CDE Hacking).
  3. Paste it into my new component folder, name it as.bmp
  4. Modify the icon with an image program (I recommend Windows Paint)
  5. In the Component Wizard, open the new .bmp file:

    Component Wizard to open Icon

    Component Wizard to open Icon

  6. Save the component settings. The .bmp file will be transformed and will result into a .gif file inside my component folder.

Creating a new icon

It is as well possible to create a new icon. As long the icon is a normal bitmap (BMP) file with a 16×16 pixel size:

Icon Properties

Icon Properties

Icon Transparency

And finally: The icon is using the pixel (0,0) as transparency color:

Transparency Pixel

Transparency Pixel

This means that this pixel defines the transparency color of the bitmap, and every other pixel in this color is transparent. Or in other words: you cannot ‘use’ this pixel for your icon!

Happy Iconing 🙂

2 thoughts on “CDE Hacking: Component Icon

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