Hide an Unhide Files and Folders in Project Explorer

The Project Explorer view in Eclipse shows the projects and their files. By default, some files are hidden. But I can change that, and I can hide and unhide files based on rules:

Hide and unhide files and folders

To hide or unhide (or filter) files and folders, the Project Explorer view has an icon for it:

Project Explorer Filter Icon

It is accessible with a menu item here:

The Eclipse Project Explorer View has a nice filter setting: that way I can filter files, folders or resources, or I can create custom filters.
Filters Menu

It comes with a set of pre-set filters I can enable or disable:

Project Explorer Filter

With the default filters, files like .project or .cproject are hidden (.* resources).

In the ‘User filters’ settings I can add my custom filters to filter files and folders:

User Filters

Finaly, I can filter by the content:

Content Filter

That way I can extend or customize the filters and what I see in the Project Explorer view.

Happy filtering 🙂



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