Getting up early: Sunrise in the Dolomites

I know that some might disagree with me: but to me, watching a sunrise in the mountains is one of the most beautiful things to do. Get up early, hike to a perfect spot and enjoy.

When spending a few hiking days in the Dolomites, watching a sunrise is one of the ‘must do things’.

In our case, we woke up at 4am. Because the public busses are not running that early, as a group we did car pooling and drove up to the nearby Karerpass (Passo di Costalunga, 1745 m) in the Dolomite mountains.

From there we hiked on trail 517 which goes up to the Latemarscharte:

Sunrise Hike from Passo di Costalunga

Sunrise Hike from Passo di Costalunga (Source: Google Maps)

While getting up, the sun started coming up.

Dolomite Sunrise Hike

Dolomite Sunrise Hike

After about 45 minutes and 350 m higher we reached an alpine meadow, just above the treeline. From there we had a beautiful view to the Rosengarten and Rotwand on the left and the Marmolada (the highest mountain in the Dolomites) in the middle where the sun was rising up:

Before Sunrise on Alpine Meadow

Before Sunrise on Alpine Meadow

Drinking hot and black coffee, eating cake, and waiting for the things to come. I know it is really difficult to show the beauty of a sunrise with pictures. Nevertheless, I hope you get the idea:

It has been really interesting to see the different beams. And there was an interesting phenomena: the sun reached the Latemarscharte behind us, and was pulling the cold air down which created a down air flow. Really interesting.

While hiking back to the Passo di Costalunga, the sun was illuminating all the mountains around us. Below a view back to the Latemarscharte from where we observed the sunrise:

Back on Passo di Costalunga

Back on Passo di Costalunga

From the summit, it was a 20 minute drive back to the Val de Tires where we came from. At that minute, yet another sunrise to enjoy: this time through the Torri del Vajolet:

Sunrise over Rosengarten

Sunrise over Vajolet

I call this a double sunrise ;-).

Happy Sunrising 🙂

2 thoughts on “Getting up early: Sunrise in the Dolomites

  1. Jessi would be of the “I don’t do dawn” school. I do. 🙂 One of the finest hikes of my life was timed for just after the full moon, when there would be lots of moonlight in the wee hours to help hiking. It was a very long hike, 30+ KM and 1.5 KM vertical climb. Such a long hike, we needed to start by 4 AM. Hence, moonlight.
    Danke schoen for sharing


    • Yes, if we would like to get higher in that place, we would have needed some more light too. Timing this with moonlight is an excellent idea, but unfortunately not always possible.


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