Customizing Welcome View and Splash Screen in Eclipse Neon

If I open a new workspace in Eclipse, it shows me the default ‘Welcome’ view:

Eclipse Neon Welcom Screen

Eclipse Neon Welcome Screen

I can close that ‘welcome’ view, and I can get it back again with a menu item:

Welcome Menu

Welcome Menu

Additionally there is an option to control it on the right lower corner of the view:

Option to control welcome at startup

Option to control welcome at startup

The NXP MCUXpresso IDE is Neon based too, and shows a different view:

Welcome Page

Welcome Page

As this is a HTML page, I even could change with my content e.g. to point custom information.

To disable that view, there is an option for it under Window > Preferences > MCUXpresso IDE > General:

Show Welcome View

Show Welcome View

Splash Screen

Whenever I start Eclipse, it shows a ‘splash screen’ like the one for Eclipse Neon.3:

Eclipse Neon Splash Screen

Eclipse Neon Splash Screen

To disable that splash screen, I can add the option


to the Eclipse startup command line:

nosplash option for Eclipse

nosplash option for Eclipse

Or I can change the –showsplash to -nosplash from the eclipse.ini (located in the same folder as the eclipse executable):


showsplash option


Changing the startup (splash) screen or the welcome view in Eclipse is only a matter to find the correct option.

Happy SplashWelcoming 🙂

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