Inversion: Haggenegg and Stockhütte

Inversion‘ is an interesting meteorology phenomena: normally the air temperature gets colder the higher you get up in the mountains. With the inversion situation it is the other way round: cold air in the lower areas building a sea of fog, and warmer air and sunshine up above. Perfect for a hike, so sharing pictures from last weekend.

The first one is from the Haggenegg in Canton Schwyz, with the view to the South:

Inversion, view from Haggenegg

Inversion, view from Haggenegg (click to enlarge)

The second one is from the other side of the first picture: near the Stockhütte above Emmetten, with the view to the North:

Inversion, view from Stockhütte

Inversion, view from Stockhütte (click to enlarge)

Happy Inverting 🙂

3 thoughts on “Inversion: Haggenegg and Stockhütte

  1. Hello Erich, very nice pictures. I know this phenomena because it affects the result of my hobby that is glider flying: with inversion I remain on ground cause the air doesn’t climb and the only way to fly is using a engine airplane.


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