Daylight beating my Jetlag

Air travel and especially across many time zones is no fun. I returned from the NXP FTF conference in Austin, Texas. Travelling to the west works pretty good, but travelling east is a beast.

My best tip beating timezone tiredness is to get out and tank as much sunlight as I can after. It has been a beautiful day today, I got a lot of sunlight, so here is a share of that:

Sun against Jetlag

Sun against Jetlag (click to enlarge)

The view is from near my home village to the East towards the three Mythen mountain peaks, with Lake Lauerz on the lower right side.

Daylight makes me feel better, plus helps synchronize my internal clock to the timezone I’m in. And I can share a beautiful panorama picture :-).

Sun against Jetlag Panorama

Sun against Jetlag Panorama (click to enlarge)

Happy Unjetlagging 🙂

1 thought on “Daylight beating my Jetlag

  1. Hi Erich
    I hope the sun works for you. I am a New Zealander living in the UK and I often travel to NZ around Christmas/New Year. I don’t have trouble with jet-lag when I travel to NZ but it is always bad when I return. The UK and NZ time zones are 12 hour apart, and it does not seem to matter whether I travel via the US or Asia (despite the east-west hypothesis). My current hypothesis is that the important variable is the sunlight in the NZ summer, and the lack of it in the UK winter on my return.

    Anyway, until you have taken a 24-30 hour trip to the antipodes you don’t have anything to complain about! (But I commend NZ to you and your readers!)

    Regards – Charles


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