Music Player with Eight 3.5″ Diskette Drives

These days, everyone is using USB memory sticks to transfer data from one machine to another. Or we are using CDs or DVD’s to install software. Well, sometimes at least.

Still remember the ‘old’ days where 3.5″ Diskettes were commonly used? Seems like these days are gone. So what to do with that hardware? Play music!

Music Player with Eiight Diskette Drives

Music Player with eight Diskette Drives

Each drive uses a Direction signal (80 steps are possible in one direction), a Step signal (performs a step on the motor) plus a low active Enable signal. Makes 8 times 3 signals plsu the 5V power supply for the drivers. The signals are generated with a National Instrument myRio board:

NI Hardware to generate the PWM

NI Hardware to generate the Signals

The drives are mounted on a wooden box as resonator.

Wooden Box Resonator

Wooden Box Resonator

And here a video of the system in action:

I’m thinking about using a tinyK20, store the music files on the SD card and I have an awesome music player :-).

Happy Driving ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks to Christoph Z. and Jรผrgen W.!

7 thoughts on “Music Player with Eight 3.5″ Diskette Drives

  1. Awesome! One of the best thing I’ve seen last years. Thx for sharing.
    I like the sound – I would like to hear more songs… :o)


  2. WOW! How cool is that.

    Do they have their plans listed anywhere? It looks like a fun project to duplicate, or “hack” with some other device.

    They did a brilliant job of it. Mega kudos to them.


    • Thanks, I’ll pass that along. I’m building up a similar project with Kinetis (FRDM-K64F right now), and one finished I plan to describe it in an article. Only need to find time….


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