Winter in Grindelwald, December 2013.

Snow covered landscape, pictures from the early morning and late afternoon.








11 thoughts on “Grindelwald

  1. Great pictures! Reminding my train+rope car journey few years ago from Lauterbrunnen – First 🙂 (in summer of course ;-))
    Have a nice time!


    • Hi Carlos,
      thanks! Maybe you have noticed the moon sitting on top of the mountain on picture 4. Yes, we had a great day out there. And actually I did not plan to make any pictures (oh shame on me). So I just used my rather old phone camera. I was surprised how well that worked :-).


    • Hi Antonio,
      excellent, you are a very good profile matcher!
      And no: I’m not that good at that kind of climbing, and that would require a lot of practice. So I’m rather stay below the legendary wall and look up where the professionals in climbing can excel 🙂


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