Simple Trick to Move a Lost Off-Screen Application Back on Windows

I love working with multi-monitor systems (see “Go, multiply and detach: Multiple Screens with Eclipse“), as this extends my working area. So I decided a while back to install a multi-monitor system on my home desktop too, as this is such a productivity boost.

multi monitor desktop

multi monitor desktop

But with moving the laptop machine between the display configurations, it happens that an application opens ‘off-screen’, and there is no way to ‘grab’ it with the mouse 😦

Most Windows applications check on startup if the screen coordinates are valid and open on one of the attached monitors. But some applications seem not to check this, so they open somewhere off-screen.

In that case the following tricks can help:

  1. Use <ALT>-<TAB> to cycle throught the application, or select it in the toolbar
  2. Press <ALT>-<SPACE> to open the move menu
  3. Use ‘M’ to move it

    move menu

    move menu

Another way:

  1. Use <ALT>-<TAB> to cycle through the applications
  2. Press <ALT> and then <Cursor-Left> until the move menu shows up

    move menu

    move menu

  3. Press <Enter> and then use the cursor key to move the window back to the visible area

The above trick does not work for some applications, including the Segger Systemview which I’m using a lot. Here another trick helps:

  1. Locate the application in the Windows task bar
  2. Press <SHIFT> and then click on it with the right mouse button pressed
  3. On the menu which appears use the Move menu to move the application back on the screen

    Pressing SHIFT with Right Mouse Click

    Pressing SHIFT with Right Mouse Click

Another way is:

  1. Use <CTRL>+<TAB> to select the application
  2. Then use <WINDOWS>+<Cursor-Left> several times until the application shows up

This worked for me on Windows 10 64bit 🙂

Happy Moving 🙂

5 thoughts on “Simple Trick to Move a Lost Off-Screen Application Back on Windows

    • Just one thing: that trick seems to work for some applications, but for some reason not for the Segger one (I just had the issue with the Segger RTT Viewer: I was not able to move it with the Windows key). But I was able to move it with the Shift-plus-right-click trick.


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