Thank You for Commenting, Thoughts and Feedback!

This post is a bit off-topic. No, this is not one of my deep technical tutorials. It is not about all the muddy bits in hardware, and it is not about shiny and great tools. This post is about you all: WordPress counted 15’000 comments for McuOnEclipse!

15000 Comments on McuOnEclipse

15000 Comments on McuOnEclipse

I highly appreciate your thoughts, questions, requests, ‘likes’ and feedback you give. Please keep them coming!

Happy Commenting 🙂

PS: special thanks to Kevin P. and Jim T.: this blog would not exist without you!

4 thoughts on “Thank You for Commenting, Thoughts and Feedback!

  1. Thanks for the great blog articles Erich, Kevin and Jim, its those little nuggets of information & hints that you can’t get from the forums that can improve the level of understanding and really save time.


    • Hi Chad,
      thanks! And that’s one reason why I publish things in this blog: I did not find good information on these topics, and did not know in which forum I could put it up. Plus a forum might be hard to search, or might go away, so I hope I can keep things up here for all the coming years.


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