Church “St. Magdalena” in Oberleutasch, Tirol

Kirche Leutasch

Church “St. Magdalena” in Oberleutasch with the “Hohen Munde” mountain in the back

Spending time in an area, means meeting local people. It is always fun to learn, explore and dive into the local culture. These days I’m spending my time in Leutasch, Tirol/Austria. The municipality has no real center, there are several small sub-villages distributed in that beautiful valley. Leutasch has around 2200 people, and the live on a plateau at an elevation around 1130 m, south of the Wetterstein mountain range. The picture shows the church “St. Magdalena” in Oberleutasch, on of the landmarks, built 1820/21 upon earlier buildings going back to the year 1190.

Happy Leutasching 🙂

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