One of 80’000: Lightning Struck over Lucerne Area

In Switzerland, Meteo Schweiz normally counts 200’000 to 500’000 lightnings every year. On June 7th 2015, the system counted over 80’000!  In that evening, a heavy thunderstorm moved over most parts of Switzerland. I have not been able to take good pictures myself, but Michael Uebelhart shared that one from the Bürgenstock overlooking the Lucerne area with me:


From Bürgenstock, 2015-06-07

And that evening, AC/DC played their Thunderstruck in Zurich too 🙂

Happy Flashing 🙂

PS: Thunderstorms with heavy rain like that one are really dangerous: In that night and the area of that lightning struck, a mother (age 32) and her child (age 5) died in the flooded basement of their house :-(.

2 thoughts on “One of 80’000: Lightning Struck over Lucerne Area

  1. Hopefully there was little damage from the lightning when this happened in the Lucerne area.

    I live in the SE part of Australia (Mansfield, Victoria) where we have lightning strikes over summer.
    We call it “dry lightning” as it usually occurs without rain and can start many grass and bush fires.
    For example last summer we had an afternoon where there were 40,000 strikes across the state of Victoria that started over 350 fires in our NE region. Six of these were very serious and caused loss of houses, sheep, cattle and crops over a wide area. These fires raged for nearly a fortnight.

    I do enjoy your blog, including the photos of your recent trip to Austria.
    Thank you for making the effort, it is appreciated.
    Geoff Jones,
    Mansfield, Victoria, Australia.


    • Hi Geoff,
      there were no (or no serious) damage reported by the lightning that night, or at least it was not in the news. We rarely have ‘dry’ lightnings over here: they are usually combined with heavy rain fall and thunderstorms. So usually they do not start a fire, except if they hit a building. Some building have a roof with lightning protection, but some do not. My own estimate is that we have probably 50 building fires caused by that.
      And glad to hear that you like the pictures too: sometimes I need to step back a little from the techy side myself too 🙂


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