Quick Way to Open Closed Project in Eclipse

Sometimes it is all about knowing the simple tricks, even if they might be obvious ;-). In my post “Eclipse Performance Improvement Tip: Close Unused Projects” I explained why it is important to close the ‘not used’ projects in the workspace to improve Eclipse performance:

Closing Project in Eclipse Workspace

Closing Project in Eclipse Workspace

To open the projects (or the selected projects), the ‘Open Project’ context menu (or menu Project > Open Project can be used:

Open Project Context Menu

Open Project Context Menu

An even easier way (and this might not be obvious!) is simply to double-click on the closed project folder:

Double Click on the Closed Project to Open it

Double Click on the Closed Project to Open it

That’s it! It will open the project which much easier, simpler and faster than using the menu or context menu. Unfortunately I’m not aware of a similar trick to close it. Anyone?

Happy Opening 🙂


6 thoughts on “Quick Way to Open Closed Project in Eclipse

  1. Thought this interesting. To close, I just created a keyboard shortcut (Preferences->Keys). Find the Close Project command and choose the shortcut of your choosing.

    Hope this helps for all the help you’ve given the community.



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  2. Hi guys,

    I’m trying to program an Teensy 3.1 for which, I use codewarrior. It generates the .Hex file, but Teensy loader, doesn’t recognise it. Looks, that Codewarrior is generating a Hex file with a wrong checksum. I would appreciate any idea about this issue. Let me know if you need more information about the problem.


    C. R


  3. Good morning Erich
    No news for some time, I miss your posts. Hope all well there.
    Please tell us more about your projects.

    Greetings Cristian


    • Hi Cristian,
      yeah, I know, and I feel bad about it. I’m doing fine, it is just that from beginning of this year my weekends are filled up with teaching activities, leaving very few time for my own projects, and even less time to write about it. I’m engaged in curriculum changes, and a big project in STEM/motivating kids for science and engineering. Thanks for reminding me that I really need to work hard to get some posts completed and out.


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